Biokovo Nature Park

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Biokovo mountain is one of the most beautiful Croatian mountains and a great destination for hikers, alpinists, botanists and cyclists. Due to its exquisite natural beauty and biological diversity it was declared a protected nature park in 1981. It rises from the coastal area up to a height of 1762 m and the highest peak, St. Jure, from which a spectacular view of Makarska, the islands as well as Dalmatinska zagora can be enjoyed. If the weather is nice, it is possible to see the 200 kilometers distant peak Monte Gargano, in Italy. The highest Bikovo peak can be reached either by following a mountain trail or by the 23 kilometers long road, which is also the highest road in Croatia.


Nature park Biokovo includes areas of specific vegetation as well as those of botanic and zoological importance. Botanical garden Kotišina deserves special attention since original vegetation of the park is preserved in it and it makes it possible for the visitors to get to know more about unique wild vegetation. Numerous pits and caves are to be found on Bikovo alongside mouflons, chamois, wolves, lynx, wild cats and different kinds of birds.

For those who enjoy alpinism there is a number of marked trails on both sides of the mountain, southern and northern, and on the way up there are many wonderful old villages to be visited. The main mountain trail ‘Biokovo mountain trail’ runs over the mountain and has 20 check points. Visitors may choose from light to medium difficult and difficult trail level, according to how well they are prepared. A combination of hiking tours with transport is also available.

Biokovo can be easily reached by car, bicycle or by foot from different directions along the coastline. Like on any other mountain, a certain level of physical fitness is required in order to climb and visit the mountain. Rules of conduction, especially on the trails, must be respected as well. Since the weather may change quickly, quality equipment, enough water and a map are required for a safe visit to the mountain. A special hiking map is also available in all information centers so that your visit may remain safe.

Additionally, the Nature park Bikovo web site,, offers all the necessary information needed for a safe and unforgettable visit.