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Imotski is an old historical city situated in Dalmatian Hinterland


Imotski is an old historical city situated in Dalmatian Hinterland. Its story begins with the ancient Croatian parish of Emotha, which was the center of a larger Imotska Krajina region. Located on the Podi slope rising above the Imotski field, the city has typical Dalmatian architecture. The old center of the city is made of hand-carved stone, and a few buildings with Art Nouveau fronts are specially notable. The old Croatian fortress of Topana from the 10th century, together with a votive Church of Our Lady of Angels from the 18th century, overlooks the city. The fortress offers a spectacular view of the city’s natural attraction,  Modro jezero (Blue Lake). The famous Crveno jezero (Red Lake), which is one of the deepest in Europe (287 m deep), is only one kilometer away in the northwest direction. The lakes’ fascinating appearance brought about many legends that are now part of the area’s rich ethnological heritage. The cultural heritage, covering the period from prehistory to modern times, is kept in Local History Museum and the Museum Collection of the Franciscan Monastery, and it witnesses the city’s turbulent times. For those who wish to study the medieval times, a visit to stećci locality – standing tombstones dating from 13th to 16th century – can not be avoided. There are more than 90 such localities in the area around Imotski, Vrgorac, and Šestanovac. Aside from its rich cultural heritage and exquisite natural beauty, Imotski and its surrounding area will fascinate you with the hospitality of the locals who are ready to prepare the best of specialities using home-grown ingredients only.