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Only 18 kilometers further away from Krka National Park there is the historic city of Šibenik, situated where the river finds its way into the sea.


Der Krka-Nationalpark bei Šibenik in KroatienAn excellent location made it possible for the city to become the administrative, political, cultural and economic center of Šibenik – Knin County as well as an important traffic junction. Everyone knows that Šibenik is the place of birth of the world famous, and unfortunately too soon departed, basketball player, Dražen Petrović. A less known fact about Šibenik is that there is a unique Children’s Festival organised every summer, a Festival of Klapa (form of traditional a cappella singing), a Festival of Dalmatian Songs, an Off Jazz/Blues Festival, a Festival of Dance alongside many other events that are held in this city every year. The Šibenik Cathedral of St James is the most famous city landmark and was built during the Rennaisance times, sometime between 1431 and 1536, and is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Šibenik is also famous for its fortresses some of which were restored in the last couple of years. St Nicholas Fortress at the entrance to Šibenik harbour, St Michael’s Fortress, St John’s Fortress and Šubićevac Fortress have opened its gates to cultural and tourist events and are now a must-visit location.

In addition to all of this, you might also want to take some time and pay a visit to the famous Primošten vineyards, also on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and have a sip of Babić, a well-known autochthonous wine variety used to produce quality wine, in the Vinoplod winery, in an eco friendly way.And if you’re spending the night, don’t forget to visit one of the most popular clubs in the country, Aurora Club.On your way to the south you should by all means stop in Trogir, a city located inbetween the mainland and the island of Čiovo. Its historic center has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1997, but the city has been attracting local and foreign tourists with its stone streets and architecture as well as various events for a much longer time.

Fun Fact

The island of Zlarin, located in Šibenik archipelago, is best known for its red coral of excellent quality. Close by there is the island of Krapanj, famous for sea sponge diving and the Museum  of Sponge.