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Split is the biggest Dalmatian and the second biggest Croatian city and, together with Dubrovnik, it has been competing for the title of the most famous Dalmatian city in the last couple of years. Split has seen a true tourist uplift as a result of opening of new hotels and restaurants as well as organisation of events such as Ultra Festival, Wine Festival in the cellars of Diocletian's Palace, the changing of Diocletian's Roman Guard, Split Beach for any of these events and many more available online on Eventime website.



Split is the administrative, political, economic, cultural, sport and science center and an important traffic junction of the Middle Dalmatia. The average population of 178.102 (according to the listings of 2011) doubles during the summer due to the number of tourists visiting the city and its surroundings. From a historical perspective the 1700-years-old city is the oldest in region. The most famous landmark, Diocletian’s Palace, has been on UNESCO World Heritage List since 1979 as a building of excellent condition within whose walls life is still bustling. The Roman emperor Diocletian built it in 305 in order to spend his remaining days in it. It has four entrances: Golden Gate on the northern wall, Silver Gate on the eastern wall, Iron Gate on the western one and Brass gate on the southern wall. The central square, Peristil, located inside the palace walls, still represents the location where locals and tourists come together. The most famous city church is the St Domnius Cathedral and Saint Domnius is also the patron saint of Split.


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