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The island of Lošinj is one of the sunniest places in Europe, due to great insolation and lesser overcast, and an average calculation of sunshine hours per day equals to seven – every single day of the year!


The island became one of the first tourist destinations as early as the 19th century owing to a specific climate and rich vegetation. It is, today, one of the most famous health resorts in the world, where people with asthma, as well as other similar medical conditions, come to recover. Health tourism has, therefore, been developing parallel to the classic one.

On the southeastern part of the island an idyllic small town with colourful houses, famous for its captains and seamen – Veli Lošinj – is located. Magnificent villas with spectacular gardens, where captains’ families and rich gentlemen used to live, as well as the wonderful old houses, where rich noblemen of that time used to spend their winters, are still to be found here. Besides hiking and cycling, you may also take up free climbing, diving, sailing, water sports, tennis, sport fishing, angling and hunting (feathered and small game, muflon, fallow deer and boar will serve as  an excellent target for the more experienced hunters as well…). You can walk from Veli Lošinj to Mali Lošinj, which is one of the most important places on the Croatian Adriatic. The discovery of Apoxyomenos, which was an event of global importance, most certainly played a very significant role in cultural sense.