Northern Velebit National Park

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The Northern Velebit National Park is an ideal destination for those who prefer active holidays and recreation in pristine wilderness as well as the call of the wild.


The Northern Velebit National Park is an ideal destination for those who prefer active holidays and recreation in pristine wilderness as well as the call of the wild. You can enjoy more than 30 mountaineering trails taking you through diverse scenery and helping you discover open spaces and its possibilities. The trails are all marked to help you navigate more easily and at crossroads there are directions including average hourly duration expectancy. Almost all trails lead to the mountain peaks, that are also fantastic observation points, from which the Adriatic islands as well as Lika can be seen. The existing trails are additionally convenient for both hiking and trekking.
There is a network of partly macadam and partly asphalt roads running through the park that are best used as cycling routes on Velebit.
A constant change of landscape, the diversity of plant and animal kingdom, alongside unpredictable weather conditions, will challenge you to capture it all on camera.

To make your stay in the national park even more interesting, we have placed educational display panels along some of the existing mountaineering and cattle paths so as to introduce you to the cultural and natural values of this area.

Along a part of the Premužić Trail, situated in the Northern Velebit National Park, 26 educational panels have been placed functioning as a geology, speleology, animal world and cultural heritage mosaic.

In order to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Park, the Velebit Botanical Garden has acquired fifteen educational panels that teach you all about the plant kingdom and its diversity, but also make you understand the effort, enthusiasm, and love of many scientists, experts, workers, and gardeners who have been taking care of the Garden.

On the 10th anniversary of its founding the Park gained two additional trails – ‘Staza zviri’ (Trail of Beasts) and ‘Trag čovika’ (Trail of Man). They connect the Park entrance point – Babić Siča – to Zavižan mountain hut, making it a circular path. Crossing these trails, along with visiting the meteorological station, Zavižan mountain hut, and the Botanical Garden, is a great way to spend a day in nature.

‘Trail of Beasts’ – is the shortest way to reach Zavižan and it takes around hour and a half of walking. The trail will teach you about some of the animals of the Northern Velebit, and you may even spot a few or witness their presence.

‘Trail of Man’ – runs along the seaward Velebit slope and follows the original shepherds’ trails. It takes around three hours to cover it. The trail will teach you about the hard life of the people who used to live here for centuries.

When in a mountain park, almost all of the outings include a visit to at least one of the mountain peaks, whether inside the National Park or the surrounding Park of Nature Velebit. All of them are beautiful observation points. From the west side mountain tops you can see the Kvarner and its islands but also a part of the inland. From the east-oriented mountain tops you can enjoy the view of Lika and the inland. If the weather is nice, one can see Učka, Klek in Gorski Kotar, as well as the highest peak on Velebit – Vaganski vrh (peak) (1757 m) situated in Paklenica National Park.

The most attractive localities within the National Park Velebit are:

• Zavižan
• Velebit Botanical Garden
• Premužić Trail
• Lubenovac
• Alan
• Štirovača

Zavižan i Alan are areas where open grasslands and green forests meet limestone formations, all surrounded by peaks with magnificent views.
In Velebit Botanical Garden you may enjoy the abundance of the Velebit plant kingdom and its diversity . Štirovača is an area of coniferous forest and the only locality of potable water and creeks within the Park. Lubenovac is a vast grassland, where the remains of old summer dwellings and drystone are found. They represent the evidence of how people used to live on the mountain as well as cultural heritage of this area. The Premužić Trail takes you all the way to the peaks of Velebit and amazes with not only its architecture but the diversity of karst formations found along it.

Whichever place you might pick to start your journey of discovery, we hope you’ll enjoy its landscape, scenery, and the call of the wild!