VELEBIT Nature Park

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'Velebit' Nature Park is the largest protected area in Croatia as well as one of the most important European areas of biodiversity.


‘Velebit’ Nature Park is the largest protected area in Croatia as well as one of the most important European areas of biodiversity. In 1978 UNESCO included Velebit mountain into the international World Biosphere Reserve network, which aims to preserve the diversity of animal life and vegetation, paying special attention to endemic species (Velebit degenia, Waldstein’s bellflower, Dalmatian barbelgudgeon, grey wolf, and other). Due to its specific location and under the influence of three different climates (Mediterannean, continental, and alpine), Velebit offers numerous holiday activities. More athletic tourists may try hiking, cave exploring, educational trails, cycling, white water rafting, kayaking, alpinism….. Premužić Trail (Premužić’s Pathway) covers the most attractive parts of North and Middle Velebit, which you won’t be able to resist. The trail is a part of protected Croatian cultural heritage, and it will take you to the most secluded and most beautiful parts, from which you can enjoy spectacular views of the Adriatic. On the Adriatic side of the Nature Park we recommend visiting Zavratnica Bay, close to Jablanac. Aside from being one of the most beautiful ones, this particular bay was designated as protected landscape due to its natural beauty. If, however, you are interested in the history of Velebit and its local population, you may choose to follow educational trails Theresiana and Kudin Most (Kuda’s Bridge). On the south side of the Nature Park Velebit there are Cerovacke Caves , which are considered some of the most famous and most important speleological sites in Croatia. Tourists may visit the first 700 m of the Upper and Lower Caves. The caves represent an important historical site, and aside from a great number of archeological excavations, they represent one of the biggest Cave Bear finding sites in Croatia. Sport climbing enthusiasts can visit school of alpinism in Dabarski Kukovi. The rivers Zrmanja and Krupa contribute to the natural beauty of the southern part of the Nature Park Velebit. Come and visit the longest Croatian mountain range (145 km) that spreads from Vratnik above Senj on the northwest to the Zrmanja canyon on its southeastern part. Let yourself be overwhelmed by a feeling of complete peace and serenity and feel the nature just like our ancestors used to.