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Samobor is a medieval town of baroque architecture situated on the eastern side of Samobor mountains, right at the entrance into the romantic valley of Gradna creek. It is located only 20 kilometers away from Zagreb and is, therefore, the oldest and most beloved day trip destination of people from Zagreb, hikers, trekkers and both Croatian and foreign tourists.


Due to its rich gastronomic tradition, as well as numerous organised events, the city attracts food lovers who gladly frequent Samobor. Those who visit Samobor do not leave without trying the famous Samobor creamy cake – kremšnita. Samobor has always been known for its long tradition of craftmanship. Thanks to the many artisan families you may, even today, find products made by old artisans such as licitars, gingerbread, hand cut crystal…., and you can visit them all! The city is surrounded by the Nature Park Žumberak – Samobor mountains, and offers numerous attractions such as spending time in untouched nature, long walks, visiting the famous waterfalls and other fun activities – from mountaineering to cycling and paragliding. Many traditional, cultural, music, entertainment and gastronomic events take place throughout the year and the most famous one is the Samobor Carnival, which has a tradition of more than 190 years.

See you in Samobor!