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Varaždin is located in the Northern Croatia, 81 km away from Zagreb and it is a very popular tourist destination in the summer time for its rich cultural heritage, many museums, galleries, sport and recreation facilities and traditional cuisine.


First written historical name for Varaždin was Garestin on the 20 August 1181. City was a free royal borough declared by the Hungarian King Andrew II in 1209 and became military and economic centre of the Northern Croatia. The Old Town is a medieval fortress and a biggest tourist attraction in the city. Construction began in the 14th century and afterwards Gothic rounded towers were added. In 1756, Varaždin became the capital city of Croatia and it housed the Croatian Sabor (Parliament) and the Royal Croatian Council. Most of the churches and buildings were built in the Baroque style. In 1776, a fire destroyed most of the town causing administrative institutions moving to Zagreb. The town was completely rebuilt in the 19th century and in the 20th century it developed into the industrial centre of north-western Croatia.


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