Veliki Tabor

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Veliki Tabor is a fortress and a museum from the 12th century!


Located three kilometars east of Desinićin Zagorje Region.The five Cornered Tower is the oldest part of the castle built in the 12th century. Other towers were built in the 15th and the 16th century. Croatian noble family Rattkay were the owners until 1793 and they built most of the castle. Oton Iveković (1869 – 1939), a Croatian painter, owned the castle from 1927 until 1935 and today it is owned by the state.


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Advent in Zagreb 2018

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Time to Explore

Spread across a large area, this destination is nothing if not diverse. Choosing a single place to focus your time, that is a true challenge. There are attractions everywhere so be ready to come back another day, and after some time here, that’s exactly what you’ll want to do. Exploring the Area The biggest cities are along the coast and

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Sightseeing Like a Pro

Visas Check with the appropriate consulate or embassy in your country to find out if you will need a visa to visit the country of your destination, especially for an extended period of time. Some countries have extremely detailed and complicated entry/departure laws, and treat one or two week visitors differently from those who opt for a longer stay. Money

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