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An active sailing holiday makes it possible to visit more destinations in a short period of time and offer a whole new perspective.


Secluded beaches, hidden bays, a light summer breeze, a route of your choice…you decide whether it’s time for a quiet night in a secluded bay or to rule the dance-floor in one of the clubs along the coast. At the same time you’re on a boat, far away from everyday problems and technology. There is sea all around you. Croatia has one of the most indented coastlines in the world and, with its 1243 islands, represents a perfect nautical destination. Some of those island are world-famous (because of an unusual shape),as for example Galešnjak, that has the shape of a heart.

Some inhabited and some not, some higher and steeper and some barely rising above the water with sheep peacefully grazing on them. Every single one is special. If you still haven’t found the perfect boat, The Sailingly Charter will help you find one because they offer all possible types of boats one can imagine: from sailing boats to Gulets (wooden sailing boats) and trimarans. Let the sailing begin!

Places in Nautica

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