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Brač is the biggest Dalmatian island and is famous for Brač stone used in construction of many important buildings all over the world.



Brač is the biggest Dalmatian island famous for its Brač stone, olives and wine as well as for one of the most recognizable symbols of Croatian tourism: the beautiful beach Zlatni rat,  located in Bol, which is the oldest little town on the southern side of Brač coast. This unique pebbled beach, formed by the sea waves and the wind that constantly change its shape, is a true paradise for swimming and windsurfing. The island’s tallest peak, Mount St. Vid, rises above Bol and offers a spectacular view of Zlatni rat and the island of Hvar.

On the southern hillside of Mount St. Vid, in the vicinity of the village Murvica, there is the Dragon’s cave (Zmajeva špilja), which, according to a legend, used to be a temple and a sanctuary for the friars from Poljice. Pustinja (hermitage) Blaca is a fantastic natural and cultural phenomenon established by the Glagolitic friars from Poljice, who came to Brač fleeing from the Turks and who erected the monastery, the church and their abode right next to a cliff. This unique symbol of human labour and persistence is a museum in which historical, economic, artistic and scientific content is to be found.

Blaca medieval glagolitic hermitage

You may learn about the Brač tradition as well as cultural and historical heritage of Brač by visiting Brač Museum located in the picturesque village of Škrip, the oldest settlement on the island. It is situated in a 16th century tower built in the place of a former Roman mausoleum, where, according to a legend, Priska and Valerija, wife and daughter of the famous Roman emperor Diocletian, were burried. The remains of Roman quarries, from which stone used to build the Diocletian’s Palace in Split was obtained, are located between Škrip and the village of Splitska, and the famous Stone-mason’s School is situated in the village of Pučišća.

Ethno village of Skrip stone landmarks

Not far away from the oldest village there is the biggest town, the heart of the island – the town of Supetar – which is the administrative, cultural and tourist center of the island. Because of its excellent connections with Split, Supetar is a great starting point not only for island tours but also for a longer stay since it offers many activities for tourists. It has a rich historical and cultural heritage and the Ivan Rendić Gallery is one of the places you must visit. It holds the collection of the ‘father’ of modern Croatian sculpture, Ivan Rendić.

Besides being a great destination for swimming in its beautiful sea, the island is also an ideal place for all the adventurers. Scuba diving, windsurfing, kiteboarding, hiking, free climbing or cycling are all available. The town of Sutivan, for instance, is a bike friendly destination and Mount St. Vid, with its 778 meters of altitude, is a perfect place for paragliding.

The island can be easily reached from Split and thanks to its natural beauty and many quality accommodation units, from private apartments to luxury hotels, it can offer an enjoyable and interesting stay at any time of the year.