There are several terms that can be used to best symbolise Pag, and those are Pag lace, cheese and lamb.



This is maybe enough to start with, but Pag is also an island of wild nature, long beaches and extreme partying. The island, of an unusual long shape, often reminds one of the Moon surface mostly due to strong bora that blows from Velebit carrying sea salt with it, which makes it hard for vegetation to develop. It is perhaps because of the wind that Pag qualifies as one of the sunniest Croatian islands with more than 2500 sunshine hours per year. Zrće is one of the most famous beaches with numerous bars and clubs, offering entertainment all day long,and it pinpointed Pag on the map of younger population looking for a good party. The disco clubs host world most famous DJs and music stars all summer long. However, other kinds of fun activities, beside the neverending partying, are also available on Pag as for example windsurfing, diving and cycling. Pag lace, now more than ever, symbolises Pag in the best possible way since an authentic souvenir is always great to find. Food lovers will enjoy excellent Pag cheese, made exclusively from the milk of the indigenous pramenka sheep, that has a specific taste to it due to salty vegetation and medicinal herbs, such as sage, that the sheep graze throughout the year.