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Tkalčićeva street used to be called Potok which means a brook and it flew through the present street dividing Gradec and Kaptol. Power of the water from the brook was used for the mills that supplied citiziens of Zagreb with flour. First manufactures of paper, cloth, stonemasonry, liqueurs and leather factory were built here. The leather factory was constructed in 1864 and developed into the largest one in the city. Industrial development caused the pollution of the water. At the end of the 19th century, the creek had to be covered and its waters diverted into the Ribnjak Valley, and later on, to the Sava River. In 1913 the street was named after the historian Ivan the Baptist Tkalčić (1840 – 1905) who had dedicated his life to the study of the history of the Zagreb Diocese and the City of Zagreb. Complete reconstruction of the street was made in the second half of the 20th century. A statue of the great Croatian female novel writer and the first Croatian female journalist, Marija Jurić – Zagorka (1873 – 1957) is placed in its central part.