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Zagreb County Tourist Board

Welcome to the green oasis of the City of Zagreb - Zagreb County

Tired of the fast pace of everyday life? Wishing you could replace the bustle of the city with the singing birds and babbling brooks in the midst of pristine nature? Imagine finding yourself in the green landscape of a vineyard, tasting premium wines and savouring delicious homemade delicacies… what you’ve imagined is not far off!

Just a 30 minute drive from the centre of Croatia’s capital, you can relax and enjoy the beautiful green landscapes, traditional cuisine and the flavours and aromas of premium wines. Experience true wine and gastronomic delight. And when you do, you are sure to become a faithful fan of the natural beauty and the culinary delicacies of the gently rolling hills of Zagreb County.

Zagreb County is like a green necklace embracing the City of Zagreb. It is an area of exceptional heritage that is visible at every step. The vast natural beauty is best seen in the large number of protected natural areas, including two nature parks (Medvednica and Žumberak-Samoborsko Gorje), and the unique special ornithological reserve Crna Mlaka. The forests and hills are criss-crossed with numerous hiking, walking and cycling trails, leading you right into the heart of nature. Hikers, recreational walkers and nature lovers can find refreshment in the hills at numerous restaurants and well equipped hiking lodges. Weekend visitors can find new destinations and meeting places, at one of the more than 40 excursion areas and family farms offering menus to satisfy even the most demanding guests.

If you are looking to taste a drop of premium wine to spice up your outdoor excursion, rest assured that you are in the right place. Zagreb County has three well established wine roads – Plešivica, Zelina, and Samobor. In addition to the trademarks varieties of Zagreb County, Purtugizec Plešivica and Kraljevina Zelina, you can also try a number of other varieties at wineries along these wine roads (including Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Rhine Riesling, Pinot Noir, Frankish). For the cheese lovers there are cheese roads of Zagreb region.

The diversity and wealth of the cultural heritage (tangible and intangible) is a reflection of the tumultuous past of the region, which existed at the crossroads of civilisations for centuries. The wooden structures of Turopolje, as unique examples of sacral architecture, particularly the Chapel of St. Barbara in Velika Mlaka, are sure to delight those who appreciate wooden architecture.

The picturesque landscape, particularly in the western part of the country, is spotted with a number of palaces that stand as witnesses to the glory days of the past. This includes the Jelačić Novi Dvori, which is a unique example of a preserved and complete estate complex. There are a number of prominent sacral structures in the County, and a special feature is the Memorial Room of the Blessed Alojzije Stepinac in Krašić.

The cultural offer of Zagreb County is diverse. There are numerous events organised through the year, attracting tourists from surrounding regions and neighbouring countries, from the Samobor Carnival, Turopolje St. George’s Days, Jelačić Days, Sveta Helena International Knight’s Tournament, Squash Festival, and events such as Our Dear Kaj, What Our Elders Once Ate and many others.

Welcome to Zagreb County, an attractive year round excursion and recreation destination, the green outskirts of the City of Zagreb, a county rich in history, tradition, cultural and sacral heritage, preserved nature and exceptional landscapes. We are certain that you will enjoy your time here, and return home with many new impressions and pleasant memories from our nine towns and 25 municipalities. See you in Zagreb County!


Zagreb County Tourist Board